Cotutelle de thèse

The University of Vienna appreciates initiatives of doctoral candidates, targeting a framework of international cooperation for their research projects. A cotutelle arrangement can only be negotiated when the cooperation between all contracting parties is desirable. Additionally, the cooperation must be an essential prerequisite for an optimal implementation of your research project.

Key characteristics of a co-tutelle agreement

When running your dissertation project within the scope of a cotutelle de these, you have to be enrolled at both partner universities during the full agreement run-time (usually 3 years). Please keep in mind that even if a cooperation agreement is set up, the admission to the universities is not part of the agreement. It is the doctoral candidate’s responsibility to successfully pass the admission procedures at both universities. Tuition fees and any further fees, including insurance fees, usually have to be paid at both universities/in both countries. Additionally, the doctoral candidate has to spend a considerable time of his/her doctoral programme at each university (typically at least an equivalent of one academic year).

Academic achievements to be delivered by the doctoral candidate and the submission of the finalized dissertation are subject to the rules and regulations prevailing at each partner university. Upon completion of all academic achievements stipulated by the curricula of each university and a positive approbation of the dissertation, the doctoral candidate has to pass one thesis defense/doctoral viva at one of the partner universities.

With a cotutelle de these, the doctoral candidate then receives a diploma from both partner universities. Each partner issues a diploma for the same doctoral thesis and on the diploma it is stated that the obtained degree is a doctoral degree granted within the scope of a cotutelle project. Please note that, against common misconception, the diploma does not entitle the candidate to two doctoral degrees! 

Which documents are needed for application

  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of reccommendation of both supervisors
  • Time-/Work-schedule for the research project. This schedule must comprise the whole duration of the project, preliminary work needs to be included. The projects work packages need to be clearly defined (What? - When? - Where?)

Your cotutelle application must clearly show that continuous admission to both universities and supervision by two supervisors are essential aspects for running the dissertation project successfully. Please send all documents by post to the Center for Doctoral Studies.

 Please note

Applications for the cotutelle de thèse programme at the University of Vienna must be submitted right at the beginning of the dissertation project. If you are no longer at the beginning of your project but still want to achieve an international cooperation, then you should do this via your doctoral thesis agreement and/or annual progress reports. Also, a cotutelle project must cover the research interest of both institutions, so that both involved universities profit from this scientific collaboration.