General Information

In this subsection we provide you with general information, especially useful for international doctoral students. Please feel free to contact us, in case you have any other topics in mind, that should be covered in this section. 
In addition, we offer personal consultation at our office or via phone to help you with any upcoming questions.

Medical Care

Austria has a good public national insurance system with local public health insurance carriers (Gebietskrankenkassen) in all of the nine federal states. In Vienna the WGKK - the Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse is the insurance carrier.

As a regular student of an Austrian university or university of applied sciences, you are entitled to health insurance (Studierendenselbstversicherung) with the respective Gebietskrankenkasse. For further information please go to the website of Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse.

Once your registration at the WGKK has been completed successfully, the WGKK will automatically send you a health insurance card (e-card). The e-card can be used with all doctors holding a contract with your insurance carrier as well as in most hospitals. Medical treatment will then be paid directly by the WGKK.  

Important: Please note that some benefits e.g. private doctors and hospitals not holding contracts with the insurance carrier, dentures and jaw regulations etc. may not be covered by the WGKK directly. In these cases you usually have the possibility to claim a percentage of the costs back from your insurance carrier.

The Viennese Medical Chamber offers an advanced online search tool, where you can define your requirements according to e.g. language skills, speciality and diplomas, handicapped accessibility etc. .

All hospitals in Vienna incl. addresses can be found here.

For further Information on foreign insurances, please, use the OeAD-Website.



Necessary medication can be purchased in pharmacies throughout Vienna. Please be aware that regular opening hours are usually Monday to Friday until 6 pm, Saturdays until noon. Besides the regular opening hours, pharmacies operate on a rotatary basis in night-/weekendshifts.  

On the Website of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists (in German) you can find a list of pharmacies open 24 hours on any given day of the week. Please be aware that pharmacies may charge an extra fee outside of regular opening hours (currently between 1,30 - 3,80 euros).

Child Care in Austria

In Austria it is possible to choose between public or private day care as well as employee day care centres. For further information please visit the corresponding website of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

This website provides you with an online search function for day care facilities in Austria.

Additionally, the University of Vienna's "Kinderbüro" runs 5 half-day or day care groups on 3 different locations in Vienna.

Taxes & Duties

EURAXESS has published a special guide on the taxation of income (incl. stipends/scholarships etc.) of mobile researchers in Austria. The guide can be found here.

Public Transport and Cycling in Vienna

Public Transport

The public transport network in Vienna is well developed and a comfortable option to get from one place to another. The "Wiener Linien" run around 120 trams, busses and underground lines throughout the city. If you are staying out late at night, you can catch a night bus on weekdays or the underground at the weekend, as they run throughout the night on weekends. 

For further information please check the Wiener Linien website.

Information on public transport throughout the whole eastern region of Austria can be found here.

Cycling in Vienna 

Cycling can be a good alternative to using the public transportation. But please note that whilst some areas in Vienna are well equipped with cycling paths, in other areas they are scarce and you will have to use the road.

More information on cycling in Vienna and e.g. bike routes can be found here.

In case you don't own a bike (yet), you can use the so-called "citybikes". Stations with lendable bikes can be found all around Vienna. You can register for this service directly at one of the citybike stations or via their website. The first hour is always free of charge. 
For further information please go to:

The Austrian Federal Railways | ÖBB

Please check the ÖBB-Website for information on timetables, ticket prices etc. There are special discounts for frequent travellers as well as inexpensive tickets starting from 9 euros for non-refundable journeys on specific trains (Sparschiene).