Proficiency in German and/or English

To study at the University of Vienna, language proficiency in German and/or English corresponding to at least level B2 is required. The required language skills depend on various factors, including the main scientific language of your discipline as well as the language in which courses are offered at your faculty, as not all courses in doctoral programmes are offered in English. At many faculties, large parts of the offered courses are in German. In addition, if the main communication in your discipline/research group is either German or English, sufficient knowledge in one of these languages is required.

We recommend submitting available proof of language proficiency (German and/or English) with your application, unless it is evident from your curriculum vitae. The director of the doctoral study programme assesses your application and finally decides which language skills (German/English) corresponding to which level (from B2 to C2) is required for the admission to a doctoral/PhD programme. Thus, in the course of the admission, you might be asked to first gain and proof relevant language competences. In this case, you can fulfill the language requirements within the “Vorstudienlehrgang” or you take relevant language courses in recognized language schools at home or in Austria. Please note that the type of certificates, which are accepted, are indicated below.

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German Courses

In the following we would like to mention some places where you can attend German courses:

Language Centre of the University of Vienna | Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien
The Language Centre of the University of Vienna offers courses at all levels, including intensive courses during the summer months as well as in February. Please check the website of the Language Centre for further information:

The Austrian National Union of Students | ÖH
The ÖH offers intensive German courses for a relatively low price. You can find information on their website.


Further institutions offering German courses are for example


Österreichische Orient Gesellschaft:

Deutsch Akademie:


.... and many more.