Doctorate at the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is a research university that enjoyes high international visability. It offers doctoral education in a wide range of research fields in the humanities, cultural and educational studies, psychology, social sciences, economics, law, natural and life sciences. The duration of the doctoral training programme is three years and includes the writing of an original research work in form of a dissertation and a training component in form of seminars, workshop, conferences etc. The admission requirements as well as the structure of the doctorate - including the amount of ECTS doctoral candidates have to earn during their study - are defined in the curricula.

The supervison of doctoral candidates is a central task of the University of Vienna. As doctoral candidate you need at least one supervisor from the University of Vienna. Please note that admission itself does not guarantee supervison. Doctoral candidates are expected to contact qualified supervisors who match their research interests. 

Different measures taken by the University of Vienna such as the uni:docs fellowship programme or the Vienna Doctoral Academies and Schools foster the quality of doctoral education and provide an environment in which doctoral candidates and their research can thrive. The attractiveness of the University of Vienna as research institution is demonstrated by the high number of international PhD candidates. Around one third of all doctoral candidates come form abroad. In addition, every year a number of early stage researchers visit the University of Vienna within the Visiting PhD programme. 


Every semester the Center for Doctoral Studies offers information sessions on the structure of the doctorate at the University of Vienna. Welcome Days for all new doctoral candidates are offered at the beginning of each semester. The extensive programme includes info sessions on important topics as well as networking possibilities. In addition, (prospective) doctoral candidates can contact us any time via email or visit us for an individual consultation to receive information about the requisites of their programme. In our monthly newsletter we informe you about scholarships, calls for applications and relevant topics for early stage researchers.