Cotutelle de thèse

For international research projects where joint doctoral programs with partner universities are an integral part of the funding programme (e.g. European Joint Doctorate - Innovative Training Networks; ITNs), the University of Vienna offers the model of Cotutelle de thèse dissertations.

When running a dissertation project within the scope of a Cotutelle de thèse, the doctoral candidate is enrolled at both universities during the full agreement duration (usually 3-4 years). The location for research and study purposes alternates between both universities; substantial parts of the work are carried out at the partner university. This allows a continuous exchange and permanent use of resources of both cooperation partners. The academic achievements to be delivered by the doctoral candidate are subject to the rules and regulations prevailing at each partner university (e.g. Curriculum, study plan, doctoral degree regulations, etc.).

If the Cotutelle de thèse model is part of a grant application and the quality of the partner university is comparable with that of the University of Vienna, we kindly ask supervisors of the University of Vienna to get in touch with us. We are happy to assist in the preparation of Cotutelle agreements.

Contact Person

Mag. David Zuser
T: +43-1-4277-182 48