Admission to Doctoral/PhD Programme | Frequently Asked Questions

Before the application for admission


  • Which doctoral / PhD studies are offered at the University of Vienna?

    The University of Vienna offers doctoral/PhD studies in the areas of law, social sciences, humanities, philosophy and education, Business, Economics and Statistics, natural sciences, life sciences, psychology, theology and sports science. All programmes can be found at:

  • Do I need a supervisor when applying for admission?

    For the application you need a letter of intent of a habilitated researcher at the respective faculty, stating his/her willingness to supervise you. Within the first year after admission you have to register your topic and supervisor and complete the doctoral thesis agreement. Latest at the end of your first year, your research project has to be submitted to the competent body responsible for study matters in form of a research proposal which is to be presented at the so-called Public Presentation. The written research proposal needs to contain the aims of your research, a time-plan, information on possible financial needs as well as a declaration of consent of the supervisor.

  • How do I find a supervisor?

    Search on the website of the relevant institute for researchers who have worked and published in your field of research. Then, get in contact with potential supervisors and discuss possible mentoring of your dissertation project. It is often helpful to send a brief description of your intended research project as soon as you make your first contact. Furthermoe, you can search for supervisors on the portal u:cris. There you can search for both personnel and keywords. Some faculties also have lists of potential supervisors on their websites, e.g. the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Psychology.

  • Where can I find information on projects in the research area I am interested in?

    In most disciplines there is no list of pubished topics for dissertations. Doctoral students usually apply with their own research topic. Exceptions are advertised jobs and projects that employ PhD students. You can find these for example in the Jobcenter of the University of Vienna. The website of the University of Vienna offers an overview about its research profile. You can also find out more about the current research priorities and current projects on the websites of the respective faculties or institutes.

  • Can I also do the doctorate in part-time, next to the profession?

    Yes, it is possible. In this case, allow enough time for your doctoral studies.

  • How can I finance my doctoral/PhD studies?

    Admission to the doctorate does not automatically mean employment as a doctoral student at the University of Vienna. Find out about funding possibilities on the website of the DLE Research Services and Career Development. Financed doctoral positions, so-called prae-doc positions or externally funded positions are also advertised through the job center. Most vacancies are also advertised through the websites of the institutes/research groups concerned.

  • I have completed my master's degree at the University of Vienna, can I apply for a doctoral programme at the University of Vienna?

    Yes, the application for a doctoral-/ Phd programme with all necessary documents can be filed via u:space. More information can be found on the website of the Doctoral Center.

  • Are their doctoral-/ PhD programmes which can be completed in English?

    Yes, if a sufficient amount of courses are held in English, then the following doctoral-/ PhD programmes can be completed in English: English and American Studies, Molecular Biology, Finance, Logistics and Operations Management, Management, Economics, as well as Statistics and Operations Research. It is checked and decided individually by the Director of the Doctoral Study Programme if German/English language skills are needed for the doctoral programme you applied for.

  • I was once admitted to the doctorate. What do I have to do to resume my studies?

    You will need to reapply for the programme with all necessary documents via u:space.

  • How high is the tuition fee?

    The tuition fee depends on your nationality. For EU/EEA citizens the fee depends on the length of study. Further information can be found here:


  • Which language skills are necessary for the application for a doctoral programme?

    To study at the University of Vienna, language proficiency in German and/or English corresponding to at least level B2 is required. The director of the doctoral study programme assesses your application and finally decides which language skills (German/English) corresponding to which level is required for the admission to a doctoral/PhD programme. Thus, in the course of the admission, you might be asked to first gain and proof relevant language competences.

Application for admission


  • How can I reactivate my u:space account?

    Please find all information at the following website:


  • When can I apply for a doctoral- /PhD programme??

    Application is possible all year round. Applications for the winter semester are possible from mid-July to the end of February, applications for the summer semester from the beginning of December to the end of September.

  • Whom can I contact if I encounter technical difficulties?

    Please contact the u:space support team via email: 

  • Do I need a full legalisation of my documents?

    The type of legalisation depends on the country your documents were issued in. You can find all informaiton about legalisation and translation of documents here

  • Do I need to upload a translation of my documents? Which languages have to be translated?

    If the documents were not issued in English or German, then a translation by a notarized translator has to be uploaded.

  • How long will it take for my application to be processed?

    We strive to process applications as fast as possible. From case to case it can happen that waiting times of several weeks occur, as the applications have to first be checked formally and then evaluated by the director of the doctoral study programme. Incomplete applications delay the process considerably. Therefore, please check that you provide all necessary documents, including certifications and translations right from the start. 

  • Can I enquire about the status of my application?

    For organisational reasons we cannot provide information about the status of applications. 



  • In my admission letter, a language certificate proving my German/English language skills is required. Can I complete language exams to acquire these certificates during my studies?

    If you are registered for the university preparation programme (VWU) you can be admitted as non-degree seeking student (außerordentliche/r Hörer/in). You will be fully admitted as degree-seeking student once you submit the required certificates. 

    Alternatively, you can take the language certificates at other recognized language schools prior to enrolling at the University of Vienna.

  • I have a degree from an institution within the EU/EEA. Why do I have to pay tuition fees?

    Tuition fees are stipulated according to your citizenship. Further information can be found here: 



  • I have forgotten my u:space password, from where can I get a new one?

    Please contact the ZID Helpdesk (Vienna University Computer Center).

  • What do I need to do to deregister from a study programme?

    Please send an email to . Please make sure you have not borrowed any books from the university library, when trying to deregister from a programme. 

  • Whom do I notify if I have changed my name?

    Please send a proof (e.g. marriage certificate) via email from your u:account Email address or from to: If you use a different Email address, please also attach a copy of your passport. As soon as your new name shows up in u:space you can order a new student ID via u:space (u:card).

  • Whom do I contact if I want to register a degree I was awarded at another university?

    Send a proof of this degree via email from your u:account Email address to the following email address: If you use a different email address, please also attach a copy of your passport. We can only register academic titles awarded from institutions within the EU/EEA or titles which have been recognized via nostrification.

  • Whom do I contact concerning the recognition of courses?

    Please contact the Director of the Doctoral Study Programme or your StudyServiceCenter.

  • Where can I get information on applying for a visa/residence permit?

    On the website of the OeAD you can find information and contact persons.

  • How can you re-enrol to continue your studies, if you have paid the fee at another Austrian university or a university of applied sciences?

    Step 1: Log in to u:space.
    Step 2: Go to Studies > Study overview.
    Step 3: Select the degree programme you would like to continue studying at the University of Vienna in the overview and choose the button “continue studying”.

    If you are admitted to multiple degree programmes, you have to repeat this step for each degree programme you would like to continue studying. After refreshing the website, you will receive the information that you are re-enrolled for your degree programme. You can re-enrol until the end of the period of grace.

    Detailed information regarding the re-enrolment on a degree programme at the University of Vienna is available here.