Info-Session: Doctoral Studies at the University of Vienna

In this information session we provide an overview of doctoral education at the University of Vienna. The following topics will be discussed:

  • How is the doctoral programme at the University of Vienna structured, what are the requirements and how can I be admitted to the doctoral programme?
  • What is the role of the supervisors and who are the other contact persons?
  • What steps do I have to take at the beginning of the doctorate, from the exposé to the dissertation agreement, and what achievements do I have to make during the doctorate?
  • Finally, we will also talk about funding opportunities and what support the university offers for young academics.

The information session is primarily aimed at people who are considering starting a doctorate and would like to learn more about doctoral education and the general conditions at the University of Vienna. Questions are welcome at any time during the meeting.

Please note: We offer sessions both in German and in English. The sessions are individual, self-contained sessions with the same content.

Dates & Registration

  • 11 September 10-12:00 --> IN ENGLISH

  • 16 October 14-16:00 --> IN GERMAN

  • 13 November 10-12:00 --> IN ENGLISH

  • 11 December 10-12:00 --> IN GERMAN

  • 15 January 10-12:00 --> IN ENGLISH


You do not have to register, just join the online meeting by clicking here.