Doctoral Programme in Law / PhD Programme Interdisciplinary Legal Studies | Curriculum

The curriculum provides information on the qualification profile, the requirements for admission, the structure of the doctorate and the number of ECTS credits which PhD candidates have to earn during their doctoral studies. The curriculum for the doctoral programme in Law and the PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Studies includes the following key elements: 

  • The degree programme duration is 3 years
  • Courses comprising at least 28 ECTS (for details please read the curriculum)
  • Public presentation of the intended doctoral project within the first year of doctoral studies 
  • Signing a doctoral thesis agreement subsequent to the public presentation
  • Periodical, at least annual progress reports
  • Write a doctoral thesis, which demonstrates the candidate's ability to master academic topics independently
  • Public defence

For further details, please read the curriculum. 

Curriculum & Fields of Doctoral Research

Please note

Information on specific administrative procedures for the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Law (for instance how to register for the public presentation, which courses to do when etc.) you will find here.