Admission to the Doctoral Programmes Protestant Theology and Catholic Theology & PhD Programme Advanced Theological Studies

To be able to apply for a doctorate at the University of Vienna, the applicant must hold a master's degree in the intended field of research. Admission to the doctoral programme in Catholic Theology requires the prior completion of a “Magisterium” in Catholic Theology or a canonical licentiate in Catholic Theology. In addition, sufficient knowledge of both Latin and classical Greek are required.

For the admission to the doctoral programme in Protestant Theology and to the PhD Programme Advanced Theological Studies further information is specified in the curriculum.

The applications will be reviewed by the Directors of Studies Programmes. The processing of your application can take several weeks. The application takes place online via u:space and is possible throughout the year. Please note that you have to renew your enrollment every semester. This has to take place within the regular admission period.


Application and admission to a doctoral/PhD programme in Theology is open throughout the year.

 Semester start

  • winter semester: 1 October
  • summer semester: 1 March

Schedule of the academic year


Please also read the FAQs. Here you will find further useful information for your application.

To the FAQs

Required documents

If you have a degree from another university or university of applied sciences, please additionally submit the following documents: 

  • Your passport or personal ID
  • A passport photograph
  • Your bachelor and master/diploma certificates and transcripts with the required legalisation for the issuing country
  • All for the application process necessary documents have to be translated, if they are not issued in German or English. This translation has to be done by a court sworn translator after the documents were legalised.

Your steps in the admission procedure

  • Step 1: Application for admission via u:space

Register in u:space and activate your u:account. You will need this account during your studies at the University of Vienna.
Log in to u:space, select the degree programme of your choice and upload the above mentioned required documents as PDF. Then click on "submit application."

Please note: Documents that have already been processed in earlier applications are saved in your application as "Nachweisvorhanden.pdf" or "pseudo.txt" and do not have to be uploaded again.

As soon as the status of your application in u:space is "submitted", the admission office will take care of your application.

Please note that any missing or formally incorrect document will prolong the processing time and lead to a later admission. Only submit your application once you uploaded all required documents. The admission office needs several weeks to process your application.

  • Step 2: Waiting for your admission letter

Due to administrative reasons it is not possible to inform you about the status of your application. Your admission letter will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in u:space.

  • Step 3: Admission to the doctoral programm

The admission may be either

  • without stipulations,
  • with stipulations of additional exams (up to a maximum of 60 ECTS) from the bachelor or master programme which you have to pass before the public presentation or
  • rejected due to qualitative deficiencies

You will be notified about possible stipulations in the admission letter. A seperate admission to a bachelor/master programme to participate in the required courses is not necessary. Please note: Required stipulations need to be passed before the public presentation!

You are admitted as soon as the prescribed tuition fee/students' union fee is registered as paid.


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