Doing a doctorate is a time-consuming task and requires high commitment. Therefore funding becomes an essential prerequisite so that you can focus on your research. In addition, funding costs for consumables and specific equipment or travel grants might be necessary to perform your research. However, funding schemes are limited and being enrolled as a doctoral/PhD candidate at the University of Vienna does not automatically imply a financed research position.

Usually, funding has to be organised by the doctoral candidate him/herself. Therefore, we recommend to inform yourself about fellowship programmes or open PhD possitions before starting the admission process.

More information about funding possibilities for doctoral candidates can be found here.

 Please note

The Center for Doctoral Studies offers workshops and infosessions on funding possibilities for early stage researchers as well as individual counseling sessions.
In case your proposal is ready for submission, you can also get in touch with us for a proposal check. This gives you the opportunity to spot strong points of your proposal as well as potential weaknesses. For further information, please contact: Mag. David Zuser