Dossier "My Research"

The Dossier "My Research" was founded in 2012 in cooperation with the online magazine of the University of Vienna with the aim to give doctoral candidates and their research projects more visability. Doctoral candidates of the University of Vienna are invited to submit contributions in which they can present their reserach projects.

How can I publish a contribution in the Dossier?

Contributions need to be written for a broader public and follow the guidelines of the online magazine. In order to reach the widest audience possible, contributions will be presented at the Website of the Center for Doctoral Studies as well as on the website of the University of Vienna.

If you are interested in publishing a report about your research in the Dossier "My Research" please contact Bianca Lindorfer from the Center for Doctoral Studies. We are happy to present your research in our Dossier.

Guidelines for Contributions

Please follow the guidelines of the univie online magazine.